2020 Mens League

Mens League Mission: The mission of the Oak View CC Mens Golf League is to promote fellowship and camaraderie among our membership and strive to make our league enjoyable for our members, thereby achieving a high level of member satisfaction resulting in lifelong friendships, strong member retention and the ongoing attraction of new members.

2019 Position Night Results
League Champions: Ice Men
2nd Place: Zwickers Clients
3rd Place: Lower Farms
2019 Mens League Awards
Most Improved Golfer: Nate Bowers
High Point Average: Sheldon DeFreize

Mens League will kick off May 26th

Mens league starts Tuesday May 26th. So if you havent dug out the clubs and knocked the dust off of them, now is the time! For those of you how havent established a handicap yet. Try to get at least one card to Brian Lager.

Mens 2019 Championship Results

Great weekend for the Men’s Championship! Having the main event Saturday and Sunday really makes it feel like a special tournament. Having to shoot great golf for one day is tough enough. Having to do it for two days and then hold off the competition for another 9 holes makes it something exceptional.
Congratulations to the 3 event winners
OVCC Champion Golfer of the Year – Darrin Clawson.
OVCC Handicap Champion – Joey Ham
OVCC Senior Champion – Roger Murphy

Mens ABC Tournament Results

Finally got in some golf. Course was a little damp but not bad enough to cancel the tournament. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Place - Darrin Clawson, Clay Hess, Nathan Wicks
2nd Place – Todd Line, Mark Blythe, Steve Lloyd
3rd Place – Josh Osborn, Brad Bridgford, Brian Nelson

Mens Handicap Tournament Results

Even though mother nature wasnt in a delightful mood. We completed another addition of the Mens Handicap!! Congratulations to the 3 event winners

1st Place and new OVCC member - Zack Frick
2nd Place – Harry Moran
3rd Place – Roger Murphy

League Score Cards

PrePrinted Team Score Cards: Everyone fills out their score cards differently. Its just a fact of golf. So, to help out with the weekly admin of entering cards into our software (not fun with the current process) I am going to start printing out each team’s score cards. Super easy to read and it will help me out immensely. So please pick up your cards in the club house before you start your round. There will be a card for both carts. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.